Bing Garden Quiz Facts about plants

Plants are much smarter than we think and there are much more details about plants we dont know yet. Certain facts about plants are perplexing! and some are simple, fun, silly, or even mind-boggling. And for those who love gardening, these are really interesting and even useful when it comes to gardening practice.

Here’s a Quiz that will help you learn about Plants

Longest living organisms on earth ?

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Check correct things about plants ?

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Fastest growing plants

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How much O2 is generated from amazon rain forest ?

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True or false Plants can be carnivorous

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8 thoughts on “Bing Garden Quiz Facts about plants

  1. This quiz was crap. Plants definitely move, they follow the sun. They don’t get up and walk but their stalks move. So that question was absolute dog crap.

    You also spelled bamboo wrong. Did you have a 6 year old create this exam?

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